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Because of the Great Firewall of China, I'm moving to Sohu-blog. Well, it isn't like I'm posting every day...

If you want to see me ranting in Chinese, go to:


*waving* Bye!

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It seems, after Google Cache and Wikipedia, Livejournal has been banned to users in China, too!

I'm beyond angry now. What the hell are they thinking?

I was a devoted defender for my motherland, I'm afraid not any more.

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Now, I'm going to buy a digital camera. After some search and learn, I chose this Ricoh R5. The average price online is Y 2380. Guess how much in Dalian Gome?



I mean, I totally understand that I should add two hundred or three on the online price. But ONE THOUSAND?


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Happy Birthday, jayspec!

I'm home YAY! Finally! I can use my "Home and Happy" icon without being sarcastic now! It's strange, when one place becoming home and another place cease to be.
...Somehow it sounds cold...

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Happy Chinese Spring Festival, which is highly overestimated.
I came home at 15th. It's not even three days and there's already a cold war going on, with the psycho-twins not talking to each other. And horror of horror, said phycho-twins are my dear parents, who have been married for 28 years. What's it to say about my future? No wonder I suck at the boyfriend front.
Luckily we live in a three-room apartment, so we can shut each other out. But to think there's still seven more days to go. God, if I haven't posted after one week, you'll know I'm dead.
And to think I endured a 21-hour train ride with a healing ankle, a ridiculous high priced ticket, a trade of my own dear computer for a pathetic excuse of one, and at least seven more annoying dinner to politely sit in, all for THIS?
Fuck Spring Festival.
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If You Were Born in 2893...

Your Name Would Be: Aki Laif

And You Would Be: A Robot Hunter

...Am I a robot being a hunter, or a hunter who hunt robots?
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I've been hit by some unknown virus/Trojan-thingie again! Isn't it wonderful?
Yesterday all was good and peaceful in my little geeky-digital-universe. Today when I was listening to some music, the mouse cursor ran to the left side of the screen and ran all the way back, stopped at exactly the starting point. And it has been doing the same thing every minute or so. This is not creepy. This went beyond creepy and rested at the same level of acid-blood face-hugging alien horrific, or white-clad-dirty-woman-crawling-out-of-TV-screen horrific, depending on which kind of horror movie you like better, American or Japanese.
I know that I'm storing all those invaluable data on my computer, all those e-books and MP3s and TV-shows, therefore somebody is bond to try to hack my computer and get those all for him/herself sooner or later. I just have one question, how did they know I have goodies? I mean, why don't they hack the PC across my desk at job, which have literally nothing in it? Not even once?

PS. Viruses have been beaten, and Trojans have been burnt with the fire used for roasting marshmallows. Yay me! (At least for now...)
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